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I would Like to fold (in order to sum) a MapThread over two lists using a function of three variabled, where the third variable is constant over the Mapthread. I would like to accomplish something like this:

nList = {}; For[i = 0, i <= Length[N0], i++, nSum = 0; Fold[Plus,0,MapThread[n,T,M,N0[i]]]];

where n is such that n[t_,m_,n0_] I could make a list N0' of Length[T] and fill it with N0[i] but that's a bit of a hack. Any help is appreciated!

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I want to be helpful but I find this question hard to read. Would you please make attempt to make it a bit more readable, and give a simple example of the input and output you desire? –  Mr.Wizard Oct 10 '12 at 1:51

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Your example is syntactically incorrect; the MapThread accepts only 3 arguments.

Instead of the For loop try

  1. Idiom Plus@@(...) produces sum of the given list (it applies Plus to the list)
  2. Mathematica is very strong with its lambda expressions, i.e. nameless functions. For convenience it has very short notation for it: every argument you substitute with the placeholder #1, #2, #3,... and after the function body you designate it is a nameless function with & sign. Equivalently you could write Function[{t,m},n[t,m,N0]] instead of n[#1,#2,No]&. See help for Function.
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