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PHP remove special character from string

I want to find a regex in this way:

I have the body of a SMS message in a $sms variable. I would be have as result a string with:

- parenthesis
- the non alphanumeric character )([]#@*^?!|"&% and remove the other that rimain
- all alphanumeric character and numeric

this because I have some problem with my sms gateway machine that it not deliver the message with this caracter ° frequently used in Italy language to enumerate numbers.

thanks in advance, I need to use PHP to do this, but only the regex can be a great help.

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can you provide before and after examples. –  Dagon Oct 9 '12 at 23:55
So this isn't really a Question, but a request, are you trying to replace or match?, also you can post what code you have managed to write –  rroche Oct 9 '12 at 23:56

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$newSMS = preg_replace('/[^)(\[\]#*^?!|"&%a-zA-Z0-9]/', '', $sms);

The regular expression is matching any one character ([...]) which is not (^) among the characters you described ()(\[\]#*^?!|"&%a-zA-Z0-9) and replacing them with an empty string '', which is essentially the same as deleting them. This regex can be shortened to:


by using \d to stand in for 0-9, and case-insensitive mode (i) so that we don't have to repeat the letters, but the savings are minimal, especially because PHP's digits are ASCII only anyway.

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