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I have a string returning a URL and need to figure out how to use if and regex to do something whenever the returned URL contains a question mark.

So when $url is http://somedomain.com/?p=34325&blahblahblah

IF the $url contains "?p=" (and discarding everything else) then exit, otherwise do something

Any help?
Many thanks

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You don't need a regex to match a simple string:

if (strpos($url, '?p=') !== false) {
//do something

If you really wanted to use a regex:

if (preg_match('/\?p=/', $url)) {
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Don't use regex for this. You do not need the power of regular pattern matching. Just use strstr:

if(strstr($url, 'p=?')){

// Do other stuff
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Ok. Worked a treat. Thanks very much for your help! –  nooblag Oct 10 '12 at 0:41

if (preg_match("/(\?p=)/", $url)) {

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