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(This is RubyMotion but should be exactly the same as Objective-C.)

I'm running a query here on the Graph API Explorer (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer) and it returns the proper result (note: random UID, not real):

SELECT uid FROM user WHERE uid = 100001554214421


  "data": [
      "uid": 100001554214421

However, in iOS using the Facebook SDK, I run the same query:

def query_facebook
  params = { query: "SELECT uid FROM user WHERE uid = 100001554214421" }
                                                andParams: params,
                                                andHttpMethod: "POST",
                                                andDelegate: self)

def request(request, didLoad:response)
  $stderr.puts response

This outputs:

{"uid"=>100001535492096} # << should be 100001554214421

Note that the uid is different than I queried for.

Question: Why would a simple query like this return a wrong result in the Facebook iOS SDK but not in the Graph API Explorer?

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Someone downvoted this without leaving a comment as to why...not cool. – Jamon Holmgren Dec 10 '13 at 23:50
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Facebook has confirmed that this is a bug:


Unfortunately they have assigned this a low priority. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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