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I'm the beginner on iOS development and iPad app programming. Now I'm working in an ipad splitview app in which I have multiple elements. In detail view of others view I added a UISegmentedControl and a UIView, what I want to do is when the Segmentedcontrol is switched the uiview should load and show another .nib file that i have in my project. My project is like this

Master --------------Detail

Picture ----> Picture View

Video ----> Video View.

Website ---> Website View.

Others-------> Others View ((UIsegmentedControl)) ---> another .nib file

So how can i do that? Thank u!!!

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To receive action of your UISegmentedControl being clicked you need to do

    [mySegmentedControl addTarget: self action: @selector(mySegControlClicked:) forControlEvents: UIControlEventValueChanged] ;

Then implement your mySegControlClicked function like

    -(void)mySegControlClicked: (UISegmentedControl*)sender 
           switch([sender selectedSegmentIndex]) {
                   case 0: //nib loading code ; 
                       break ;
                   case 1: //nib loading code ; 
                       break ;

For help with the Nib loading code see load view from a nib

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