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I have implemented a collapsible menu with a triangle bullet on expandable items. The triangle rotates when the link is clicked and sub-menus items are expanded.

The problem is that with internet explorer there is this light dotted line to the left of my bullet. It appears when I expand the item and disappear when I click somewhere else on the page.

enter image description here

It corresponds to nothing in my style sheet. Any idea how I can get rid of it?

This is how the bullet is styled:

#block-menu-menu-intra-acp-menu li.expanded > a{
    background: url('images/triangle_bullet_down.png') left center no-repeat;
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This might not be it, but try setting outline: 0; on your a?

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That looks like the focus outline. You can disable it with outline: 0, but try to provide some other indication of keyboard focus to your users.

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