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According to the StringTemplate 4 wiki, I should be able to display an expr property, but I cannot. I'm using StringTemplate4 with jython.

Here's my template file, test.st:

test(persons, person) ::= <<

Here's my jython code. When I try to render the template, the name and age values are not shown.

>>> import org.stringtemplate.v4 as st
>>> class Person:
...     def __init__(self, name, age):
...         self.name = name
...         self.age = age
>>> group = st.STGroupDir('~/template', '$', '$')
>>> tmpl = group.getInstanceOf('test')
>>> tmpl.add('persons', [Person('jim', 25), Person('sam', 46)])
>>> tmpl.add('person', Person('bob', 55))
>>> print tmpl.render()

In the interpreter, I can access the attributes in tmpl fine.

>>> tmpl.attributes
{person=<__main__.Person instance at 0x54>, persons=[<__main__.Person instance at 0x55>, <__main__.Person instance at 0x56>]}
>>> p = tmpl.getAttribute('person')       
>>> print p.name, p.age
bob 55
>>> for p in tmpl.getAttribute('persons'):
...     print p.name, p.age
jim 25
sam 46

Any idea why this doesn't work? Am I doing something wrong? I also tried creating getName() and getAge() methods for the Person class without luck. If I create a data aggregate I'm able to access the properties fine.

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In Java, it would be because those properties are not public. How does Jython handle access to fields?

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Those class variables are public. In Jython private variables are prepended with two leading underscores (example: __varname). Here's an expalanation: link –  MD6380 Oct 11 '12 at 0:13
ah. I guess the debugger would tell us if you stop it in method Interpreter.getObjectProperty(). It will go into the object to try to get things out using reflection. I'm afraid I don't know jython at all so I'm not sure what the mismatch is. We can always add something into detect jython objects if you figure out what the convention is. thanks! –  The ANTLR Guy Oct 11 '12 at 18:59

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