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there is a file named test , there is only one line on test ,haha

tiger@debian:~$ cat test
tiger@debian:~$ cat 'test'

Why the following command can not get haha?the ls test output test,why ls test | cat can not output haha?

tiger@debian:~$ ls test
ls test  | cat 

my system is debian+bash

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You can have a look at 'man cat'

When using cat test or cat 'test', the shell assumes that the second argument is always a file name.

However, with pipeline, cat expects to get a bunch of text, therefore, the content of 'ls' is printed.

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The problem isn't the pipe itself, it's that ls test doesn't output the content of the file test. ls lists the directory contents. ls test will simply output test.

If you absolutely wish to use pipe to display the content of test you can use:

cat test | xargs echo
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If you absolutely wish to use pipe to display the content of test, you should reconsider what you're doing. If all you want to do is print the contents of a file, there's no reason to use a pipe. –  Keith Thompson Oct 10 '12 at 2:20

If you really want to display the content of the file like that, try

ls test | xargs cat
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