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similar to my question is this one and this one

however, still haven't sorted any solution.. i have in the <body> an unordered list <ul> each element of which is added after performing a query to a database..So according to the result, i have the corresponding <li> tags created..

Ther problem is, that although i have some css to seperate <li> to "odd" and "even" so that i can apply some different styles, and i have confirmed, that the "odd" and even" attibute has passed as an attribute (classname) to <li> still the corresponding css rules, do not apply

here is some of my code.. first the html part

<div id="sqldiv">
   <ul class="test" id="attempt">

and the javascript part..

        for (var i=0; i<len; i++){
        var somevariable =  results.rows.item(i).dbvariable;
                if (i%2==0)
                var newLI = document.createElement("LI"); 
                newLI.className = lt;
                var htmlcontainer = ("<div>my text :" + my variables + "</div><div>my text :</div><div>" my variables + "</div>");
                newLI.innerHTML = htmlcontainer ;
                var gl = document.getElementById("attempt"); 

and the css

li {
background: #8258FA;
margin: 5px 5px;
border-radius: 15px;
li.odd  {
border-bottom :1px dotted #ccc;
margin: 5px 5px;
background: #000000;

the li styling does apply, but the styling by class (li.odd) doesn't

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Could you give an example of your code, i.e. what the list looks like and how you update it? –  Ryan Oct 10 '12 at 1:56
It's a lot more efficient to use nth-child selectors to do your zebra striping: li:nth-child(even) { background: #CCC } –  cimmanon Oct 10 '12 at 1:59
Have you refreshed the list? –  mram888 Oct 10 '12 at 11:21
i have edited my initial post guys..with some code.. –  nikolas Oct 10 '12 at 13:00
I would recommend to use jQuery to add classnames etc. There you have no browser specific problems etc. –  strauberry Oct 10 '12 at 13:00

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after spending last 24 hours searching..i tried sth that didn't cross my mind..!!!!

in javascript i name class Even and Odd..and on css i have .even and .odd rules.. and this worked great on another project..!!!

but, for some reason, in this case there seemed to be a "case sensitive" issue.. since i changed css rule to .Even and .Odd, they were applied successfully..

before reaching this, i had also tried assigning dynamic css rules using jquery..and after some attempts, i ended up to the case sensitive..

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