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I have this api req. Whish is grep the qustions from the page with the name's of voted users ; user id .... etc


But it retun all qustions in the page . ALL OF THEM.

I need yo get the questions by selecting date of creation. Like Month(created_time) = 4 and year(created_time) = 2012

It seem i need fql but there is nothing about geting the qustions from the page by page id.

Can we convert the api code that i put to be fql?

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Here is the FQL

SELECT id,owner,question,created_time FROM question WHERE owner=367298846687999

To limit the questions to only those asked in April 2012 you need to add AND created_time >= 2012-04-01 AND created_time <= 2012-04-30 to your query.

To get the options and votes, you'll need to construct a multiquery where you pass the result of the first query to the subsequent queries to get the information from the question_option table, and then those results to get the question_option_votes.

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Yes u can order by created_time in fql, but created_time in fb db not separate by year and month. Fb combined year,month,day, and time together in timestamp format. So,u need to convert your normal date time into timestamp format then i will solve your problem by using fql.

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