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Is the avio_set_interrupt_cb deprecated in the new ffmpeg release? What is the substitute?

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I found the answer myself. Here is how it's done

You define the call back

int decode_interrupt_cb(void * ctx) {
    return isQuit;

Make a call back struct

const AVIOInterruptCB int_cb = { decode_interrupt_cb, NULL };

Assign it to you AVFormatContext's interrupt_callback before any file reading

pFormatCtx->interrupt_callback = int_cb;

if you open file with 'avio_open2', use it like this:

int errCode = avio_open2(&pFormatCtx->pb, filename, AVIO_FLAG_READ, &pFormatCtx->interrupt_callback, NULL);

Hope someone find it helpful.

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The answer was very helpful :) Thanks a lot. –  jsp99 Jul 15 '13 at 6:35

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