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The following code works but i have to load swank no matter whether i need it or not.

(ql:quickload :swank)
(defun swank ()
    (swank:create-server :port 4005 :donot-close t))

If i move "(ql:quickload :swank)" into function swank, then CL will not find package swank.


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Remember that reading is a separate phase in CL. First a form is read, then it is executed. When the reader read the DEFUN form, it didn't recognize the SWANK:CREATE-SERVER symbol because, at that point, QL:QUICKLOAD had not been executed yet. The solution is to use INTERN.

(defun swank ()
  (ql:quickload :swank)  
  (funcall (intern (string '#:create-server) :swank) :port 4005 :dont-close t))
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