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Im required to use wget for its ability to work like a crawler to develop one for my project. But all around in google searches im seeing people recommend to use LWP instead of Wget. Can you guys enlighten me on why this is so?

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If you're writing Perl, use LWP. It's silly to shell out to make HTTP requests. :)

If you're writing a shell script, you can use wget or curl or the LWP scripts (lwp-request, GET, etc), depending on what's available and what you find easiest. There's no real overriding reason to prefer one of those solutions over the other; they have approximately the same features. I started out using the basic LWP commands, then moved to wget because it tended to be installed everywhere already, then moved to curl because it had a few features that made some operations easier than they were in wget. But the differences in capabilities are minor. Use what's on your system, and if there's more than one, give them a try - read the doc, try a few use cases, see which one you like.

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