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I'm trying to upload a picture from to my web app. Everything is fine, but depending on the source the key to the file in the $_FILES array is different. When selecting from the gallery on Android it seems to be $_FILES[0], when taking a new picture on iOS it seems to be $_FILES[file_name_ext] (with a _ replacing a . for the file extension)...

Is there a way to set what the key will be or do I need to add logic to the server side that just looks for anything in the $_FILES array?


PS - on PhoneGap you pass a parameter called "fileKey"... I'm looking for the equivalent in

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You can set the "name" attribute on a file object and we will use that in the POST body, e.g.

forge.file.getImage({width: 200, source: "gallery"}, function (file) { = "my_file_name";
        url: "",
        files: [file],
        success: function (resp) {


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