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Recently, and not seemingly on account of any change I made, I can now no longer properly load parts of a project in VSU2010. See below for the error I get when opening a test in Test List Editor:

enter image description here

However if I open the same one from the Solution Explorer, I get:

enter image description here

Does anyone have an idea on what is going on?

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You can check if you are referencing an assembly which in turn referencing an old version of LoadTestPackage

You can use FuseLogVw in order to find who is loading the old assemblies, you can define a path for the log, and run your solution.

Link : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/e74a18c4%28v=vs.71%29.aspx

Nota : Clean Debug and Release folders in your solution, then remove and add LoadTestPackage reference

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Hi Aghilas Yakoub - I have tried to launch various FuseLogVW exe's I found in both Program Files and PF (x86), as an escalated process, but cannot see a single failed assembly binds. Not even after initating the above error message, and clicking refresh. Also, as eluded to in your reply, just wanted to make sure you were aware that only I have been working on this project. Also, which Debug and Release folder should I be clearing? – user66001 Oct 11 '12 at 1:37
right click on your solution et select Clean Solution in order to clean your directories Bin/Debug or release – Aghilas Yakoub Oct 11 '12 at 8:59
Hi Candie - The clean apparently completed successfully. How do I remove and add the LoadTestPackage reference? – user66001 Oct 11 '12 at 23:25

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