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My Application works with Google Drive Java API.

I want to create folder in the root of the Google Drive only if it does not exist. I am using below code to creat folder.

  file = service.files().insert(body).execute();

How do i check the folder existance in the root folder. I have only the folder name 'Myapp', not the instance ID.

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Files.List request = service.files().list().setQ(
       "mimeType='application/vnd.google-apps.folder' and trashed=false");
FileList files = request.execute();

You could now go through all folders in "files" and check if any of the folders have the searched title.

Don't forget to loop through all pages with:



Maybe you could have a look at this site. You can add the title in your search criteria instead so you do not have to retrieve all the folders.

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That will work, but I think a query of "mimeType='application/vnd.google-apps.folder' and trashed=false and title='MyApp' and 'root' in parents " will either return the folder he's looking for, or an empty list so no need to iterate through nextPageToken –  pinoyyid Oct 10 '12 at 11:36
@pinoyyid Exactly. That is what I meant in the edit of my first answer. –  iixi Oct 10 '12 at 12:08

Here's a web service that does just this. Given an access token and path tree, it loops through to check if folders exist in the path, and if not it creates them:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{ \"path\": \"Folder1/Folder2\", \"google_token\": \"my_google_access_token\" }" "https://sender.blockspring.com/api_v2/blocks/0f4674981b24efd25f68807c6d6cfef1"

In the above case if Folder1 and Folder1/Folder2 paths didn't exist in your drive, they'd be created.

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