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I am wondering how I can search between by dates in Hibernate Search using Range-Query or is there any filter I have to implement.Following is my field in Record Entity

     * When the analysis started.
    @Field(index = Index.UN_TOKENIZED)
    @DateBridge(resolution = Resolution.MILLISECOND)
    private Date startTS;

My requirment is to find the records analysed between a two dates eg. 11/11/2011 to 11/11/2012.I am confused how to do this.

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Check it here. docs.jboss.org/hibernate/search/4.1/reference/en-US/html_single Range queries –  Alex Oct 10 '12 at 5:08

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You should use a range query using from and to.

query = monthQb
            .onField( "startTS" ).ignoreFieldBridge()
            .from( DateTools.dateToString( from, DateTools.Resolution.MILLISECOND ) )
            .to( DateTools.dateToString( to, DateTools.Resolution.MILLISECOND ) ).excludeLimit()

The ignoreFieldBridge is needed since you create the string based search string yourself using DateTools.

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Thank you this is what I was looking for...:) –  Dangling Piyush Oct 10 '12 at 12:38

Condering you have the following entity:

public class Myth {
  @Field(analyze = Analyze.NO) 
  @DateBridge(resolution = Resolution.YEAR)
  public Date getCreationDate() { return creationDate; }
  public Date setCreationDate(Date creationDate) { this.creationDate = creationDate; }
  private Date creationDate;


Date birthdate = ...;
Query luceneQuery = mythQb.keyword().onField("creationDate").matching(birthdate).createQuery();

The way to make the range query is:

//look for myths strictly BC
Date beforeChrist = ...;
Query luceneQuery = mythQB

Check this reference for more details

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This I have seen before but If i'll do this way I have write two queries for a single date range like below some-date and above some-date.I wanna do it using single query. –  Dangling Piyush Oct 10 '12 at 5:22

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