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If I call .hide() on an element, will/can jQuery select it in a normal dom selector.

If jQuery does normally select hidden elements, what is the proper way to select only visible elements. Can I use a css selector, or is there a more valid way of doing this?

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That's one of the advantages of separating structure from style. –  Felix Kling Oct 10 '12 at 5:01
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Yes. The hide function only stores the current value of the display css property of your element, then set it to none. So the dom selectors will not be affected by it unless they try to match elements with a particular display css value.

Check it here.

Have a look at the jQuery hide function documentation.

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Yes, it just adds a display:none style to the element... .remove() on the other hand will not show up in counts. But that completely gets rid of it, and unless you store the value somewhere it is not retrievable.

What I'm assuming you want to do is to count the visible items. I would instead do the following:


var count_of_visible_items = $('.element:not(".hide")').length;
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Yes it will count hidden elements.

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