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I am working with Google Earth (not plugin) and would like to find out if there is a way to Play a tour that is already loaded in the TOC from a placemark's balloon. This placemark is actually part of the kmz that also contains the tour. Is there a way to reference the Tour by Id and tell Google Earth to play it? Thinking something like < a href=GE.Play(tourID) >.

Any suggestion?

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I don't think that is possible with the standalone client. with the plugin it is easy. –  lifeIsGood Oct 10 '12 at 18:07

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The auto-tour capability in KML had been requested as far back as 2009.


Likewise, this has been discussed in the Google Earth and KML forums:


This is not yet directly supported in raw KML and Google Earth client. Using the Google Earth API you could automatically play a tour but it would be nice to do this directly with KML and Google Earth.

Google supports KML extensions through the gx: namespace. Maybe if enough users ask for this feature it can be added to a future release of Google Earth.

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