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Is there a way to tell how long a NSOperation has been executing?

 for (NSOperation *operation in [self.operationQueue operations]) {
     // how to tell how long the operation has been executing?
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If it's a custom subclass, just add an ivar, startDate. – Josh Caswell Oct 10 '12 at 8:18

Make two variables, NSTimeInterval.

NSTimeInterval t1, t2;

When the operation starts you run :

t1 = NSTimeIntervalSince1970;

and when it finishes

t2 = NSTimeIntervalSince1970;

Then you simply do

NSTimeInterval t3 = t2 -t1;

No you know how many seconds this did run. This is crude and perhaps there are better ways to get exact numbers, but I would then suggest you use a profiler like Instruments.

But this is a good measure as it is quite simple and does not take away any cpu power, like a profiler would do.

I would also suggest searching standard C libraries for some cpu ticks or something close to that.


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