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I'd like to assure that data are stored in an HBase table at this very moment. I don't need the exact row count. For that I'm executing count 'table_name' command twice in HBase shell:

hbase(main):001:0> count 'test_table', 100000
558549 row(s) in 360.1440 seconds

hbase(main):001:0> count 'test_table', 100000
558623 row(s) in 354.0270 seconds

But it takes too long when the row count is big(> 200,000).

What's the most efficient way to do that?

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Try using the count command with a bigger cache value, I think the default one is 10

count 'test_table', CACHE => 1000

If it still too slow, you should try using the MapReduce Job

Run '$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar hbase.jar rowcount'
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