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I am using struts, I have a java web application which needs to run on two languages. I am able to get one language using file where I have key and values combination and use it. Now when the user wants to select select some other language than how to switch to another language how to change the properties file

I have different properties file for different language my problem is how to set/select the particular properties file when user selects different language?

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If you are using Struts2 then you can create your own LocaleProvider class, something like:

public class ChangeLocale implements LocaleProvider {  

        private String lan;  

        public String getLan() {  
            return lan;  
        public void setLan(String lan) {  
            this.lan = lan;  
        public Locale getLocale() {  

            Locale locale=null;
            // Switch language between Chinese and English  
                locale=new Locale("zh", "cn");  
            }else if("english".equals(lan)){  
                locale=new Locale("en", "US");  
            return locale;  

in LocaleAction :

public String execute(){  

        ActionContext ac=ActionContext.getContext();  
        return "success";  

in jsp:

<a href="<s:property value="chinese"/>"><s:text name="china"></s:text></a>  
<a href="<s:property value="english"/>"><s:text name="us"></s:text></a>  
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it is good self explanatory but i have those as a files, so how to set that file corresponding to user selection – Java Questions Oct 11 '12 at 6:48

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