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I have two radio buttons and I want to reset all the validation of the form on a click of one of the radio button, I have used jquery for the from validation.

my code is:-

<p class="radio_paragraph">

  <form:label for="beneficiaryType" path="beneficiaryType" 
     Are you 13 years or older?

  <span id="beneficiaryError" style="display:none;color: red;"></span><br />

  <form:radiobutton path="beneficiaryType" 
                    cssClass="form_radio" />

  <form:radiobutton path="beneficiaryType" 
                    cssClass="form_radio" />                    
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Your problem is that resetForm is a method on the validator object returned by a.validate(...), and not on the jQuery object itself.

function resetValidator(){
var a = $("#yourFormName").validate();

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On radio click event you can call this

$('.form_radio').on('click', function() {  

     if( this.checked){
         var validator = $("#myform").validate();
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