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I have a form in Visual Studio 2010 for the user to enter a person's data and add them to a database. The code for the AddNewItem button is the default code generated by VB itself (I do not know how to access this code, double clicking it will just generate an empty sub procedure for the click event-- I am new to VB). I have not written any subsequent code for it. The binding navigator toolbar and the AddNewItem button was generated by dragging the "Details" of a table in the Data Sources window onto the form. I did not type code to create the masks, either. I simply set their "Mask" property to the appropriate format in the design window.

All masked text boxes have an issue after the user hits the AddNewItem button on the binding navigator toolbar to start entering the person's info to the database. Once they do so, a formatting issue occurs where the masked text box will delete the first 0. For example, if the user types "08/20/1997" in the "Birth Date" masked text box, it will change it to "82/01/997_" after clicking out of the text box. The same thing happens for all other masked text boxes and their associated masks.

I have found that this only happens after the user has clicked AddNewItem. If you were to open the form and enter a data without clicking it, the masked text box accepts the 0's just fine. But once the user hits the "AddNewItem" button, the masked text box will delete the first 0 out of the data once they make the cursor leave the masked text box.

I've tried recreating the form with no luck, and even started the entire project over from scratch to have the same thing happen again. The masked text box simply doesn't like 0's once the AddNewItem button has been clicked. And it happens every time.

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Without seeing your mask and the Code for AddNewItem it will be impossible to give you and accurate answer –  Mark Hall Oct 10 '12 at 6:32
Thanks Mark, I updated the question to include that info. –  Jeff Oct 10 '12 at 7:06
Another update. I just discovered that it will do this with all masked text boxes if they begin with a zero. Not just short dates. Will be updating the question again. The birth date was the first one I noticed because it was the only info I had to type that began with a 0. After testing other maskedtextboxes I have confirmed that it happens with all of them. –  Jeff Oct 10 '12 at 7:29

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