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I want to develop the internal mail concept on my page using HTML, CSS and Javascript or JQuery. Actually, I have finished the Inbox, Outbox and Sent Item functionality. At present, I am working on the Reply functionality, but have encountered some problems (outlined below).

I want to to insert data into the database with the following format:
----Original Message----
From : test@test.com
To : test1@test.com
Subject : test

And, whenever I want to retrieve that data from the database, I want it to return a same format.But now it's return the following format.

----Original Message----From : test@test.comTo : test1@test.comSubject : test

Does anyone know how I can go about doing this? Please help me.... Thanks in advance...

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Use \n (NewLine) if text or <br/> if HTML to break the message into multiple lines

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I got solution for this question. Actually, I insert the data into the db to replace the <br> into \n using the following code:

body = body.split("<br>").join("\r\n");

Then, when I retrieve that data from db using the following code,

body = body.split("\n").join("<br />");

Now it's working fine.

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