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I'm developing website for online shopping in which i have integrate paypal as payment method.

but, i want each transaction must be confirmed by merchant so that merchant can accept or reject(decline-deny) each transaction.

payments for the rejected transaction will be refunded to payer. and accepted transaction will we processed as confirmed order.

is their any way to do this ?

please help me on this. thanks in advance

I found my answer.

now i will go with "paypal authorization capture api" for this i need to use paymentaction="authorization" in my paypal standard payment form that make the transaction on hold.

and at admin side i need to make that onhold transaction make capture to proceed order or void orders to cancel i just need transaction id their.

i will use "paypal authorize and capture api" for that...

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you should manually lo-gin into you merchant account to reject(decline-deny) each transaction.

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