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I have original Windows7 Homes Basic. Now I want to setup development environment for Sharepoint. But it will not able to install.

Can I install sharepoint foundation 2010 in Windows 7 Home Basic OS. If we can please tell me the steps to follow.

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What's a SharePoint developer doing using Windows 7 Home Basic? – BoltClock Oct 10 '12 at 6:59
I think it will not work on the Home edition. But if it is your first experience and you have at least Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, you can use SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script to install it in easy way: – MikhailSP Oct 10 '12 at 16:08

Can I install sharepoint foundation 2010 in Windows 7 Home Basic OS

No, you can not install sharepoint foundation 2010 in Windows 7 Home Basic. You will need at least Windows 7 Professional x64 to install SharePoint 2010.

You can install it on your Windows 7/Vista x64 for Development purpose, but I guess it will only work on Professional or higher edition.

Check How to install IIS on windows 7 Home Basic edition? and Windows 7 Home Basic - "Internet Information Services (IIS) , Basic version does not have full functional IIS. then how we install Sharepoint on it. With home basic, you don't have the IIS Manager.

sharepoint server on windows 7 basic home
how to install SHarepoint 2010 Windows 7 Home Basic

refer this to install Sharepoint on Win 7 - Unable to install sharepoint 2010 in Windows 7

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