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I am a newbie in Neo4j and I will appreciate some help...
I have the following simple graph

Basically I want to retrieve relations for specific node for example for node ID: 1
Imagine that except from FOLLOW,FRIEND there are more relation types but the only exception is with the FRIEND relations, because I only care about FRIEND relations which are incoming to the context node (1) and I want to retrieve all the relations in one query.

So the basic cypher query is:
start profile=node(1) match profile-[r:FRIEND|FOLLOW|..]-other return type(r),other
But how do I filter the FRIEND relations which are outgoing from the context profile in the same query?


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You can throw the extra validation into the where, and do something like:

 start profile=node(1) 
 match profile-[r:FRIEND|FOLLOW]-other 
 where profile-[:FRIEND]->other 
    or type(r) <> "FRIEND" 
return type(r),other

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perfect Thank you. – assaf_miz84 Oct 10 '12 at 16:26

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