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Based on the documentation it would appear that there is no way to have the phone numbers for a google place to be returned with the Place Search data ?

Which means that if I do a Place Search request I then need to make 20 more "Place Details" requests to get the phone number for each search result.

To mean this seems like a a fundamental piece of information I would expect back from the "Place Search" request ?

Am I missing something or or is there no way or getting the phone numbers returned based on a search request ?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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This is correct, there is no way to get the phone number of a business without issuing a Place Details request.

This is in place to encourage compliance with Google Maps APIs Terms of Service - Section 10.2 Restrictions on the Types of Applications that You are Permitted to Build with the Maps API(s): (b) No Business, Residential, or Telephone Listings Services.

You should only need to issue a Places Details request if a user action indicates that they would like more information about a Place.

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