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I've implemented a customized version of svg-edit with svg-font-loader on top of it. When the user is editing an SVG file, the custom fonts work well thanks to svg-font-loader (I simply pre-load the necessary custom font on the editor before loading the SVG string).

Once the user has finished with editing, I save the new SVG string to the file system (using XDocument's Parse() and Save().

I then need to display this SVG file to the user inside an <img> tag, but the fonts don't work unless the user installs them on their machine.

How can I encode the SVG string (Base64 or?) before saving to the file system, so that it displays correctly? Would I need to parse the SVG string and only encode certain parts? Is there a tool I can use?

edit: Alternatively, if I install the fonts on the server, is there a way to serialize the SVG to PNG on the server-side, and then display this? Would this work?

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You can do this by using webfonts in the svg. When you save the svg just write out an @font-face stylerule with the custom font base64-encoded.

Here's an example.

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Wow this looks promising. I'm quite new to this - do I manually parse the SVG string and insert <style>...</style> with the encoded font reference? Then do I manually add a reference to the CSS class? The string looks like this: "...<text xml:space="preserve" text-anchor="left" font-family="Wagnasty" font-size="24" id="svg_2" y="176" x="208" stroke-width="0" stroke="#000000" fill="#ffffff">Test</text>..." – user982119 Oct 10 '12 at 13:44
Busy reading your answer at stackoverflow.com/questions/4906148/… and it's starting to make sense.. – user982119 Oct 10 '12 at 13:53
In case you feel like helping: stackoverflow.com/questions/12874102/… – user982119 Oct 13 '12 at 14:39

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