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I need to implement ContraintValidatorFactory interface which is the part of jsr303

public interface ConstraintValidatorFactory {

     * @param key The class of the constraint validator to instantiate.
     * @return A constraint validator instance of the specified class.
    <T extends ConstraintValidator<?,?>> T getInstance(Class<T> key);

My implementation is

private static class InstanceAwareConstraintValidatorFactory implements ConstraintValidatorFactory {

      private ClassToInstanceMap<ConstraintValidator> instances = MutableClassToInstanceMap.create();

      public <T extends ConstraintValidator<?, ?>> T getInstance(Class<T> key) {
         if(instances.containsKey(key)) {
            return (T) instances.get(key);
         return ReflectionHelper.newInstance(key, "ConstraintValidator");

      public void addContraintValidation(ConstraintValidator constraintValidator) {
         instances.put(constraintValidator.getClass(), constraintValidator);

      public void addContraintValidations(Set<ConstraintValidator<?, ?>> constraintValidators) {
         for(ConstraintValidator<?,?> constraintValidator : constraintValidators) {
            instances.put(constraintValidator.getClass(), constraintValidator);

How Can I remove @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") at my implementation. You are free to modify InstanceAwareConstraintValidatorFactory.

In other words, I need to use correct generic parameters to provide a contract with my ClassToInstanceMap with getIntance method of the Interface.

Is it possible?

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You can replace the following line,

return (T) instances.get(key);


return instances.getInstance(key);

I verified that guava 11 has this function.

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