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everyone know the start page of Visual studio it seems to be a web page, how I can make like it in my applications?

Edit, Add more details:

let us say that I want to show the recently opened forms or the Tip of this day, who I can do that, where to store the data and how to generate the HTML file?

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You could use IE as a control. Then you literally just design your start page as an HTML page.

Or you could anticipate VS 2010 and use WPF. That's what I've done for a forthcoming app - the start page is a FlowDocument, and it has some links injected into it for recent files, etc.

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Well, you just need to drop the WebBrowser control in a Form and set some properties, mostly to prevent the contextual menu and things like that. Then you can navigate to any web page or just pass a string with the HTML you want the control to render.

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First, work out what you want to show, and where this information comes from (could be a bunch of reg keys, in the case of an MRU list, and an RSS feed for news headlines). You could then build an XML document off the back of that, feed it through an XSLT transform, and show resulting HTML in an embedded WebBrowser control.

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