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I have a input file that I need to replace first character of column 3 (") with ("S)


1      2      "45554323"      p      b  
2      2      "34534567"      f      a  
3      3      "76546787"      u      b  
2      4      "56765435"      f      a


1      2      "S45554323"      p      b  
2      2      "S34534567"      f      a  
3      3      "S76546787"      u      b  
2      4      "S56765435"      f      a  

I tried

awk '{gsub(substr($3,0,1),"\"S"); print}'

but it gives me $3 with S at begin and the end, like "S45554323"S. Can you give me a solution?

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Try with:

awk 'BEGIN { OFS = "\t"; } { sub( /[[:digit:]]/, "S", $3 ); print }' infile

That yields:

1       2       "S5554323"      p       b
2       2       "S4534567"      f       a
3       3       "S6546787"      u       b
2       4       "S6765435"      f       a

Or with sed:

sed -e 's/\("\)[0-9]/\1S/' infile
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@Birei.. thank you again :).. can you please tell me what is the meaming of [[:digit:]] .. i am rookie in awk – mohammad Oct 10 '12 at 8:37
@mohammadreshad: It has the same meaning that [0-9] for an ASCII encoding. – Birei Oct 10 '12 at 8:38
dear Birei i have code like this NR=FNR'{a[$3]=$0;next;}{for(x in a){if(x==$5)print $1, $2, $3, $4, a[x];}}' but i want $4 print in the format that you said in your code but without using pipe .. iwant use your code in side my code! but it always print 1 idont know why – mohammad Oct 10 '12 at 12:27
What are input files for that awk command? It seems a different problem, or at least not directly related with the answer to this question. – Birei Oct 10 '12 at 12:33 script is for combining columns of two files and put them to new file the result is something like this (1 1 2 "00301271" test 1 3) but i want combine my files and add "S" to column 4 also ("S00301271") i tried NR=FNR'{a[$3]=$0;next;}{for(x in a){if(x==$5)print $1, $2, $3,sub( /[[:digit:]]/, "S", $4) , a[x];}}' but it prints 1 for $4 – mohammad Oct 10 '12 at 12:50

Perl solution:

perl -naE '$F[2] =~ s/"/"S/; say join "\t", @F'

You might need to replace the tab \t with spaces if they are expected in the output.

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Another solution:

awk '{sub(" \"","\"S"); print}' file


awk '{sub(" \"","\"S"); print}' file
1      2     "S45554323"      p      b  
2      2     "S34534567"      f      a  
3      3     "S76546787"      u      b  
2      4     "S56765435"      f      a


awk '{sub(" \".","\"S"); print}' file
1      2     "S5554323"      p      b  
2      2     "S4534567"      f      a  
3      3     "S6546787"      u      b  
2      4     "S6765435"      f      a
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