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I'm wrote function which count time of multiplying matrix. That is code:

if ((file = fopen("../logs.txt","w")) != NULL)
    for(int i = 0; i < 5; ++i)
        if(QueryPerformanceCounter(&start) !=0)
            mult(m1, m2, m3);
            double temp = (double)(finish.QuadPart - start.QuadPart)/frequency.QuadPart;
            if(temp<=min || min == 0)
                min = temp;
    fwrite(&min, sizeof(min), 1, file);

When i debug it, I saw that my min time equal 0.26336317888614069, but in file it was written "2W<сЪР?". Tell me please what is wrong.

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You are writing the binary representation to the file, rather than the human-readable one.


fprintf(file, "%f", min);
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It's working. Thanx! – Kukambara Oct 10 '12 at 8:36

Try writing to file using fprintf(file, "%f", min); or something similar (lf instead of f, etc).

You wrote the binary representation of the value using fwrite but you want the decimal representation.

Should you use a hexdump over the file and interpret the result according to the floating point standards, you'll get back you expected number.

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fwrite will write the binary representation of the double, which are some characters that with no sense.

You can use fprintf instead.

fprintf(file, "%lf", min)

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