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Will doSomeCalculations be called if a is nil?

a.position = [self doSomeCalculations];

I guess it has to as doSomeCalculations can alter the state, but I'm not sure.

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If position is a property and you rewrite the statement to the equivalent bracket syntax, you end up with:

[a setPosition:[self doSomeCalculations]];

No lazy evaluation is performed here. It's not any different from nested function calls when you consider that all these bracketed expressions are transformed into function calls to objc_msgSend():

objc_msgSend(a, sel_getUid("setPosition:"), objc_msgSend(self, sel_getUid("doSomeCalculations")));

The bottom line is, [self doSomeCalulations] is evaluated even if a is nil.

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Yes. You are assigning whatever [self doSomeCalculations] will return to a.position regardless if it's nil or not.

Also it could depend if you have written your own accessor for position but if you have used a @synthesized accessor it will be assigned.

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