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I have a project that required me to use flash p2p video using RTMFP Flex. When we tested the application the quality was good but there was noticeable delay (1-2s) with the audio and the video. I tweaked the settings to lower the quality to achieve acceptable latency but the clients are comparing it with Skype video.

Is there something that I missed? What is the acceptable latency with rtmfp? Is Skype superior to flash p2p video? Can you list the factors related to my problem?

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I have managed to achieve latency around 0.1s, which is not noticeable during conversation. Few tricks, that I have used:

  1. Do not use RTMFP groups. They can't handle real time communication because of multicaastWindowDuration.
  2. Use bufferTime = 0 on every used NetStream.
  3. framesPerPacket = 1 on Microphone.

You could also try videoReliable = false, audioReliable = false on NetStreams.

You should see following resources:



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#1 - I used both with/without groups and groups does have more latency. #2 I did. #3 - I will try. videoReliable = false - I have tried. I'm wondering what is the bandwidth/internet speed your application encounters? – nathanielC Jan 16 '13 at 6:56
I had best results with at least 4Mbit up/down bandwidth, pings around 50ms. I'm using H2640 at around 640x480@10fps, quality set at 80%. I'm also using speex as sound codec. – iros Jan 17 '13 at 14:04

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