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I am doing the standard image optimise / resize technique with PHP and GD, basically:


However people are complaining that there CYMK logos are coming up different colours after being uploaded. I know this is because GD is doing a conversion to RGB but i am wondering if there is a way to improve this?

As these are often peoples logos, they rightly get protective over the colours used and want them to be right.

I know there are some good tools to convert single colours online but i want something that can be added to my class file that converts all the CMYK colours in an image to a more accurate version of the CMYK equivalent.

As a quick example, a pic uploaded without conversion and then selected with a colour picker extension in chrome gives me this HEX code: #992A78. Having run it through the above scripts, it converts it to this one: #9000F6;

Anyone got any advice for me? Thanks

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GD doesn't support color management at all, which explains the color shift, so there is probably no feasible workaround there. You might want to do some quick tests using ImageMagick, which seems to support various color profiles.

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