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I'm developing HTA application that need IE as working eviroment. And IE has ".HTC" file to teach the HTML tags the way to "behave".

OK, everything works fine until I need to catch the event when the HTML tag's css changes. I'm using the method of timer, but I wonder if there's any better way ? (using JavaScript is OK if necessary) Thanks all suggestions!

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Maybe you could use propertychange event on body for example? – Teemu Oct 10 '12 at 15:43
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Thanks Teemu! Using propertychange was the correct solution. But instead of apply this property to body, I must apply it to every tag I need to watch.

I can do it by JS. Thanks again!

<div onpropertychange="alert('changed!')"> </div>

Note : This method won't let you know if the tag's innerHTML changed, only alert if the tag's attribute & css changed. Besides, when the tag is set to "disabled", no event will fire when the tag's css change.

Full references about onpropertychange of IE could be found here :

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