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I have a file like

86999490    88641807@N00    newyork truck city night light red road street springstreet
86999495    34675390@N00    sky
86999496    97245056@N00    scarborough
86999503    97245056@N00    york
86999507    63656023@N00    grifan
86999508    63656023@N00    grifan
86999509    63656023@N00    grifan

and I want to read it to a matrix that keeps each column separate.

How could I do it?

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Use textscan with a tab (\t) as delimeter:

fid = fopen(fileNm, 'r');
    output = textscan(fid, '%d %s %s', 'Delimiter', '\t')
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There's really no need for the while loop here. – Eitan T Jul 2 '13 at 10:55

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