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I am trying to replace string containing " with \" , below is the program I tried

    String s="\"/test /string\"";
    s = s.replaceAll("\"", "\\\"");

But I get the same output as the string "/test /string". Why is my replace function is not working. If I do

   s = s.replaceAll("\"", "\\\\\"");

then I get the output I want \"/test /string\" . Why is the former dint work , even though in code I am trying to replace " with \"

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You're using String.replaceAll, which takes a regular expression as its inputs, including the replacement. As documented in Match.replaceAll():

Note that backslashes (\) and dollar signs ($) in the replacement string may cause the results to be different than if it were being treated as a literal replacement string.

You're really just trying to do a straight replace with no regexes involved, so use String.replace instead:

s = s.replace("\"", "\\\"");
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