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I got a problem after implemented WCF routing. The situation is a have 2 server A and B, At server A is installed a WCF serice ( target service) it needs to get IP of clients for check session. Server B is placed WCF router and all clients will only request to server B ( do not directly to real server A) .

Now, problem is server A only get IP of the server B, instead of real IP for each client. I would like to know these are any solutions for get real client's IP after routing like above ?

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So you put your Code which use to get IP in server A into Server B. Server A now just need to catch IP sent back from Sever B

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that's no good, by the way, i must deploy another wcf service on server B instead of wcf router. – Gió Đổi Chiều Oct 10 '12 at 9:36

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