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I am developing an application that requires a login before I can access a certain page.

Is there an easy way to bypass certain actions so that I don't have to log in and go to the actual page that I am developing/testing after the deployment of my application?

I can think of the following:

  1. use some record/replay plugin in my browser, replay after each deployment
  2. edit the application so that it works without login at dev-time

The first one is good, because I don't have to touch the code. Yet it is bad, because it is slow. Second one vice versa.

Isn't there some option for the application server (jboss as 7 here) to save the state of the last deployment and just bring me back there? How is this usually done?

Another thing I know is "hot deployment", which works fine for the .xhtml files, but I've never been able to run it with java files. Is this an option?

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About hot deployment see

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In theory, whether its xhtml, jsp or any other, the hot deployment should work. Incase of Java file, you need to copy the generated .class file to the proper location.

please check here how to do it in jboss7.

Once you replace the .class/html/jsp etc, if you reload it should work.

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