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We run a number .net applications (Windows Services, WCF services and websites) , it would be good to have a single interface to view all of the errors that happen on these applications.

I've tried a few different applications that should handle this but none of them did the trick. There is a log4net viewer but then that doesn't allow me to use Elmah which captures all the http related data, and there is the OrbitOne tool but that's buggy and limited in features.

Ideally it should be able to group by error message/stacktrace, group by machine, application, url, class and be able to filter out certain errors.

Also I like log4net due to the error levels etc but there is no http errors, is there any tool/appender out there that adds http related data to the log4net logs?

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This article might be of interest to you - Writing ELMAH exceptions to Log4Net

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