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I am using the blueimp jQuery-File-Upload on SpringSource Tool Suite 2.9.1.

  1. I am trying to redirect from my UploadServlet , but because the option redirect is already defined (on main.js) it create an error. how can I redirect from my UploadServlet.java , after the files are uploaded .

  2. In the example code they redirect to results.html , When I try this it upload the files but after doPost function finish (in my UploadServlet.java) nothing happens & It doesn't
    redirect .

please help me and give me an example how to do those thing .



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I've been through a similar issue when using the plugin on Google App Engine. Here is the complete working code. May be you'll have slight differences, but I guess you'll find how a Java server have to be done for this plugin to work.

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