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I want to extarct all URIs from a RDF/XML document. Does converting RDF/XML into Model Class in Jena Library and then extract URIs(non null) of each subject,predicate and object for each statement of that Model class will work for me??

    Model read = ModelFactory.createDefaultModel().read(my_url);
    StmtIterator si;
    si = read.listStatements();

where url is the RDF/XML web document..

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As the Javadoc says, listStatements() will list all of the statements - i.e. triples - in the model.

If you want to list all of the URI's, you need to consider where they occur in an RDF model. You may or may not want all of these. For given triple, T, consisting of a subject, predicate and object:

  • The subject of T will have a URI, unless is it an anonymous resource (bNode)
  • The predicate of T will have a URI
  • The object of T will have a URI if it is a resource not a literal, and if it is not a bNode

So (untested code):

Set<String> uris = new HashSet<String>();
for (StmtIterator i = model.listStatements(); i.hasNext(); ) {
    Statement s = i.next();
    if (!s.getSubject().isAnon()) {
        uris.add( s.getSubject().getURI() );
    uris.add( s.getPredicate().getURI() );
    if (s.getObject().isResource() && !s.getResource().isAnon()) {
        uris.add( s.getResource().getURI() );
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