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I am trying to send data on server using following link.


If I set data filed with single string (ex:data=text1), That time my try block in source code working fine, without any exception.

But When I set data field with multiple string with spaces (ex: data=text1 text2 text3), Then Exception generated i.e. Illegal character in query.

Illegal character in query at index 75: text2 text3

My question is Why exception generate when we use multiple strings (like: data=My name is xyz).

If I replace data field with single string that time is working fine.(data=xyz)

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Thanx for all answer. My problem is solved with data = data.replaceAll(" ", "%20"); thanx all – Ranjit Chandel Oct 10 '12 at 10:12

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Encode space with %20 have a look at this one for more encodings

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Encode your URI string so the spaces will be presented as %20

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