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I am trying to make a printable report from excel sheet with some shapes such as charts and pictures. I am able to put the charts on the sheet using the below code:


    Dim oChart1 As Excel.Shape
    oChart1 = oSheetReport.Shapes.AddChart()
    oChart1.Chart.ChartType = Excel.XlChartType.xlLine


    oChart1 = oSheetReport.Shapes.AddChart()
    oChart1.Chart.ChartType = Excel.XlChartType.xlColumnStacked


    oChart1 = oSheetReport.Shapes.AddChart()
    oChart1.Chart.ChartType = Excel.XlChartType.xlColumnStacked100

But positioning and alignment is failing which is making my reports look ugly. Any better way of achieving this?

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To add, position and align in one step you can use the following:

Set oChart1 = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Add _
        (Left:=250, Width:=375, Top:=75, Height:=225)

Left is the left alignment and Top is the top alignment. Width and Height - well, you can figure that out!

More info at

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Useful info: Excel Sheet Height = 15728640.0 Excel Sheet Width = 847872.0 Row Count = 1048576 Row Height = 15 Rows per page = 47 Columns per page = 9 Column Width = 8.43 – Seenu Oct 18 '12 at 6:41

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