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I have a task to automate the superficial testing of a GUI created using TCL/TK and I have been searching for different ways to do it, my first step would be to test the buttons and I also have to test a very lengthy Data Tree. I came across the Record the mouse buttons and then reuse them to test the GUI, but I cannot comprehend the principle, I cant understand what is " Record " and " Reuse " and can it be used to test a BWidget Tree or a Ttk tree

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"Sikuli is a visual technology to automate and test graphical user interfaces using screenshot images..."

As the description says, it's screenshot based, so it isn't aware about the framework (Tcl/Tk) or types of objects ("BWidget Tree or a Ttk tree") being tested.

I've used it sometimes, it does what it promises well, but you'd have to evaluate whether it suits your needs or not.

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