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I'm using displaytag to export PDF. If I give, total="true" in display:column, last row contains total of amounts and I can format that value using numberformat but in PDF total value is displaying unformatted. Below given is my code snippet.

 <display:column property="discountAmt" titleKey="DiscountAmt" 
                 total="true" format="<%=currency_format%>"/>

 <display:column property="orderGrandTotal" titleKey="GrandTotal" 
                 sortable="true" format="<%=currency_format%>" class="numeric" 

In table, the last row which contains total values are like 1,913.30 and 12,033.50. But in PDF its showing as 1913.3 and 12033.5.

Please give me an idea to format this.

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<display:column property="money" format="{0,number,0,000.00} $" sortable="true" />

check if works. check http://www.displaytag.org/10/tagreference-displaytag-12.html for more.

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