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I plot a data file containing 2 columns as a line. I also have data ranges for the x axis that I would like to use to color the background.

For example, in the data range from 41 to 70, I would like to color the background blue.

I know that these commands can color background but I haven't yet figured out how to use x values :

set obj 1 rectangle behind from graph 0, graph 0 to graph 1, graph 1
set obj 1 fillstyle solid 1.0 fillcolor rgb "blue"
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Gnuplot supports multiple coordinate systems. As your already aware, there's graph where 0,0 is the lower left corner of the graph and 1,1 is the upper right corner of the graph. There's also screen. (0,0 is the lower left corner of the "screen"). The axes you're looking for is first. Note that you can even mix coordinate systems. the point first 50, graph 0 is at the bottom of the graph at the point 50 on the x axis. Putting this all together, you should be able to set your rectangle as:

set obj 1 rectangle behind from first 41, graph 0 to first 70, graph 1 back
set obj 1 fillstyle solid 1.0 fillcolor rgb "blue"

I also added "back" to the command so that the rectangle is drawn behind all the other plot elements

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